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Batyr Annaiev, Founder, S-EngineeringBatyr Annaiev, Founder, S-Engineering
S-Engineering is a leading Ukrainian engineering company in the field of automation and power supply of industrial enterprises. In Europe, S-Engineering has been developing and implementing progressive and high-quality engineering solutions for many years, along with European engineering companies.

Our company is certified partner of SIEMENS and the only SIEMENS licensee in Ukraine, having the status of a partner of Siemens Solution Automation, SIVACON S8 Small Design, SIMOPRIME technology, Siemens Sitras ® ASG25. S-Engineering.

The company's products comply with all EU quality standards (CE marking). Since the beginning we have been focused on the production of equipment and the provision of engineering services with a clear focus on the global market. As part of the supply chain ecosystem, S-Engineering supplies its own products to the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, MENA countries and other. In 15 years our company has implemented more than 700 complex projects in various industries of 17 countries. Among the company's clients are Cargill, Bunge, Cofco International, Posco, Dragon Oil, EniSpA, Mondelez International, Danone, PepsiCo, Ukrtransgaz and many other well-known companies.

The positive experience of S-Engineering in the European market is associated with the implementation of integrated solutions: design and implementation of automation systems (PLC, SCADA and MES levels), as well as services for the development, testing, commissioning of software based on Siemens products; specialized services for the development of documentation (engineering); design and implementation of power supply systems up to 110 kV; design and implementation of integrated energy management systems based on SIMATIC Energy Management; design and implementation of systems for active management of electrical networks (Smart Grid) of high, medium and low voltage based on the Spectrum Power intelligent system. In addition, S-Engineering offers equipment for automation systems and power supply, services for installation supervision.

“Thanks to S-Engineering services, our customers' products become more competitive. The developments of our own R&D department ensure the reliability of our non-standard high-tech solutions with consistent high quality. This is what distinguishes us in the market,” notes Founder of S-Engineering Batyr Annaiev.

One of the developments of S-Engineering is the unique patented SENUMAC technology that works like artificial intelligence in terminal management and has the ability to control the loading of the conveyor line for bulk materials. For a unit of time, the system considers several scenarios and selects the optimal loading mode, which allows to increase productivity, reduce specific power consumption and deterioration of transport equipment, and improve the quality of the ship loading process. SENUMAC technology has already been introduced in Ukraine at sea terminals with a total design capacity of 6.5 million tons: Posco, Cofco International, Novotech Terminal. In addition, several terminals with a total design capacity of 12 million tons are in operation. Another patented S-Engineering SENUVOL technology provides real-time measurement of the level, shape and volume of bulk cargo in containers with high accuracy. The extensive portfolio of S-Engineering includes the implementation of EPC projects in the food, oil and gas, energy, infrastructure, chemical, civil engineering and other industries.
S-Engineering specialists have improved the existing industrial automation system in soybean oil extraction plants. The standard SCADA system has been converted into a product of S-Engineering - "SCADA plus". While the SCADA system performs several tasks typical of a top-level MES system, SCADA plus provides plant management with the ability to monitor shift key performance indicators and plant resource costs, generate reports, and maintain production records.

A unique project in Ukraine was implemented to ensure cybersecurity at the marine terminal of COFCO International. The introduction of a cyber protection system eliminates production downtime, which increases the efficiency of the terminal and ensures the stability of its operation.
One of the complex projects that S-Engineering specialists completed was the modernization of the distribution control system for the technological process of ammonia pumping at the Gorlovka-Odessa ammonia pipeline.

Also, S-Engineering specialists completed a set of works to create a ship-loading machine (SLM) control system for a grain terminal in Odessa, Ukraine. In addition to control and monitoring of movement, rotation, lifting / lowering of the boom, the system allows you to smoothly control acceleration, braking, positioning and other technological processes associated with loading grain onto the ship. The SLM control system is integrated into the general dispatching system of the terminal in compliance with all cybersecurity requirements.

In addition, thanks to the high level of production processes, S-Engineering became the second company in the world to be entrusted by Siemens AG with the production of cells using Sitras® ASG25 technology. It is a solution for traction power supply. And the main sections of the railway system of Kazakhstan operate on equipment manufactured by S-Engineering using German technology.
  • We independently develop high-tech solutions in the field of automation and power supply, along with high-quality solutions and services, balanced pricing policy and a high degree of technology localization from world industry leaders

S-Engineering specialists use the same tools used by the world's leading engineering companies. Thanks to this, S-Engineering projects and developments are understandable to customers from all over the world. Specialized programs and software packages are used: EPLAN (Electric P8, PrePlanning P&ID, FieldSys); NEPLAN, AutoCAD Electrical, SIEMENS Simaris design and Simaris Curves, Pipedrive, Wrike and others. The latest software products and process control systems are used: PCS7 (SIPAPER, CEMAT, RoutControl, Simatic Batch), TIA Portal, STEP7, WinCC v7.x (IS, UserArchive), DIGSI.

The main advantages of cooperation between a European company and S-Engineering are: reducing project costs, optimizing project management without increasing staff and business processes, reducing investment risks, minimizing the human factor, reducing equipment manufacturing time.

“We independently develop high-tech solutions in the field of automation and power supply, along with high-quality solutions and services, a balanced pricing policy and a high degree of technology localization from world industry leaders,” says Founder of S-Engineering Batyr Annaiev.

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Batyr Annaiev, Founder, S-Engineering

S-Engineering is a Ukrainian engineering company, represented on the world market by “SE Group International”. The company is an EPC contractor in the field of automation and power supply of industrial enterprises
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